Hi! I’m Maciej (or less formally Maciek), a Polish expat currently living in London, the UK. I’m a software developer by profession and I love everything about computer science. I’m also interested in applications of machine learning to practical problems, as well as delving into the theoretical aspects of all the bits and pieces involved.

Apart from that I’ve got a constantly fluctuating set of hobbies which involve playing music (now getting my head around harmonica and ukulele), travelling and reading books.

me having a pint

P.S. I’ve attached a Clicky visit tracking to this website. I did it so I can know how many users are reading my posts. I hope you don’t mind. If you do (which I completely understand), Firefox browser supports user tracking protection out of the box, so does Brave. Alternatively you can install browser plugins which will prevent you from being tracked. A few examples: Adblock Plus, AdBlock, Privacy Possum or uMatrix.

Welcome to my blog!